Understand the What’s and How’s of Social Media Marketing – A Layman’s Guide!

With the dawn of internet and evolution of technology, marketing has changed drastically, social media being its integral part today.

Social media refers to the websites or applications which allow people to interact and engage virtually, share content and join in any discussion. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit. These platforms can be very productive when infused in digital marketing strategies.

Social media marketing is a proven way to yield good results by promoting your business and increasing brand awareness. It is done by posting relevant contents like images, texts or even videos on social media to reach audience and gather potential leads.

In today’s world, this form of marketing on social platforms is indispensable and can give lot of benefits like –

  • Connect directly to the customers and create a good rapport.
  • Build an enduring brand image.
  • Increase web traffic.
  • Share updates easily.

Hence, as you can see, social media marketing is a tested method which both start-ups as well as established brands are using today; however, this won’t bear fruitful results in a day. For that, you need effective strategies to be implemented efficiently for reaching the desired heights.

Tips to use social media marketing:

Find below 5 tips on how you can use social media marketing to your benefits –

  1. Planning: Before jumping into it, proper planning is essential. Decide how many and on which social media platforms you need to promote. Find out the channels getting more attention and concentrate on them to increase output.


  1. Focus on good content: With so many competitors out there, you need to stand out with high quality, unique contents that would influence your potential customers. Also, try to post more images as visuals are more appealing.


  1. Set Objectives: Get a clear idea of your organizational goals. Implement strategies keeping aligned with them and deduce achievable marketing objectives. Develop a system with periodic measurements of the objectives. Be specific with those objectives and refine them if needed.


  1. Identify your target audience: It is crucial to know your target audience and build your customer profile accordingly. Social media is a great way to gather demographic details of your potential customers like age, occupation, income, habits, likes and dislikes etc. With these data, you can curate the posts for maximum engagement.


  1. Post more: Once again, social media marketing is not a new thing anymore in 2018; so posting one tweet a day or one post on Facebook won’t suffice anymore. You need to post contents more frequently, that too in different platforms. Analyze and find out when there’s most traffic in a site and try to post at that time to convert more.

You can also use social media tools to analyze the reach and interactions of your customers. Allocate a budget and delegate resources, keep a team for constant monitoring on the same. Also, research your competitors and try to curate better strategy.

Though there are no fixed ways to succeed in social media marketing, the above mentioned steps would be a good start.