These Factory Days
Goodwill Of The Scar
Nests Of Waves And WiresUpon Buildings Upon Us
TroubleSo We Are Alive


“This is huge. Tartufi are just two but sound like twelve. Drummer Brian Gorman must have arms like continents, while the way Lynne Angel loops her vocals makes it seem like three personalities are battling it our for possession of her throat, Hold on to your brains.”

– Kev Kharas, NME

“Nine out of 10 buzz bands don’t deserve it; Tartufi does.”

– A. Schacht, Creative Loafing (Charlotte, NC)

“An imposing tangle of beauty and ambition.”

– Robbie Mackey, XLR8R Magazine

“You’re left in awe at how versatile yet distinct their music is… you’re left more or less with your jaw hanging open.”

– Dave Heaton,

“4 Stars! An expansive lattice of twinkling loops, math-rock crunch and none-more-giddy harmonies.”

– Mojo Magazine

“These San Francisco darlings transform the mundane tendencies of today’s indie rock, stretching experimentation to its extremes.”

– The San Diego City Beat (San Diego, CA)

“A dizzying construct of lunatic prettiness that exists at some extra-dimensional intersection between noise, pop, folk, post-rock and who knows what else … it all flows together, like a fantastic alien river.”

– Andrzej Lukowski, Rock Sound (UK)

“The next best thing in music…moment by moment, piece by piece, patching together the largest most fluid sound I have ever heard”

– The Des Moines Register (Des Moines, IA)

“Epic and as transcendent as a dream ..a fever dream with a dynamic soundtrack. It’s one of the boldest albums in a long time.”

– Brian Tucker, Performer Magazine (review of Nests of Waves and Wire)

“Epic and explosive.. hypnotically experimental anti-pop songs… that (are) both pretty and scary at the same time.”

– Veronica Young, Noise Pop Festival

“The kind of song construction that eternally keeps you guessing…With each twist and turn on Nests of Waves and Wire there is something new to obsess over… utterly unpredictable.”

–  Oli Marlow, Rock N Rolla Magazine (UK)

“Tartufi is a gold nugget buried in a dense forest of indie-pop…a few spins and the group’s contagious vocal harmonies and looping percussion will have even the most hard-hearted critic asking for two ears dipped in Tartufi, with sprinkles.”

– The Boise Weekly (Boise, ID)

“Hypnotically otherworldly, Tartufi’s ‘Nests Of Waves And Wire’ is both a sublime introduction and a satisfying new high watermark.”

– Mike Diver, Clash Magazine (UK)

“Rapturous, strident.”

– John Doran , Plan B (UK)

“Part aggressive, experimental-noise rock, part delicate and lovely melody and completely awesome, Tartufi’s live show is a marvel.”

– Sarah Wengert, The Reader (Omaha, NE)

“A savage maelstrom of sound.”

– Virginia Arroyo, Alternative Ulster (Northern Ireland)

“This band takes the cake for the most unique band in the Bay Area… A sound that will take you to regions far beyond, and may take you a while to find your way back to earth.”

– CharmingAwkward

“Nests of Waves and Wire is more than the sum of its very varied parts. The sheer musical breadth and vastness are almost overwhelming. It is a vital celebration of the power and immensity of sound and the human voice. The result is an end product that renders attempts to apply typological descriptions really rather pointless…ultimately quite unlike anything else.”

–  Chris Catchpole, Wears The Trousers Magazine (UK)

“The San Francisco duo has such an interesting relationship with music and it’s only getting tastier. At the heart of Tartufi’s music is exploration and discovery more so than any prog-rock structure, or lack thereof; it’s childlike and primal; it’s ghostly; it’s bloody; it’s friendly. It appeals on a gut level and a brain level. Most importantly, it’s cathartic and fun.”

– Katherine Hoffert, West Coast Performer Magazine

“Tartufi blew my mind. It was delightful to look around (Club) Dada that night and find that I wasn’t the only one whose jaw was on the ground. It’s one thing to be musically and technically precise, its entirely another to be those things and phenomenally gifted to boot.”

– Amanda Newman (Club Owner / Promoter), Dallas Nightlife Blog (Dallas TX)

“Thrilling in a live context.”

–C. Gray, The Portland Phoenix (Portland, ME)